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Vote for Me Because I’m a Woman: New York State Senate Candidate

Posted on | August 28, 2010 | 1 Comment

ITHACA, NY–According to an upstate New York paper, “a candidate for state Senate announced that people should vote for her because she’s a woman.”

Pamela Mackesey of Ithaca is a Tompkins County legislator and a Democratic candidate for the 53rd District Senate seat occupied by George H. Winner Jr., R-Elmira. Winner is not seeking re-election.

During a stop at Elmira College, which was a women’s school when it was founded in 1855, Mackesey pointed out that while women are active in the voting booth, they are less visible when it comes to running for office.

“In 2010, 84 percent of the members of the state Senate are men. No woman has ever represented our district in the 90 years since women’s suffrage,” Mackesey said.

“I think it’s time we changed that…”

At a stop in Ithaca, Mackesey repeated her plea for the woman’s vote and went on to imply that women were naturally more honest than men:

“Cleaning up Albany seems like child’s play compared to what we women have already achieved,” Mackesey told an audience at the Ithaca Commons.

“I’m not saying that having more women in the Senate would lead to ethics reform, but no woman there is under indictment. I’m not saying more women would deliver an one-time budget, but three men in a room is, well, three men in a room,” she quipped.


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One Response to “Vote for Me Because I’m a Woman: New York State Senate Candidate”

  1. Ken
    August 30th, 2010 @ 9:04 am

    I’m getting the impression this type tactic is on the Dem strategy list for 2010. Just last week in CHatham Co. a very far left dem candidate for Board of Education bowed out of the race. However, she offered her endorsement for an african-american woman candidate with the only statement of qualification being that we needed the diversity on the board. You can look for more of this throughout the election season. “Dont worry about qualifications. Vote for the color or the sex.”

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