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The Media Rehabilitation of Eliot Spitzer

Posted on | April 25, 2010 | Comments Off

According to a new documentary, disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer wasn’t brought down by his penchant for high-priced call girls. He wasn’t brought down by committing questionable, if not illegal, bank transactions to pay for the call girls. He wasn’t brought down by his misuse of the New York State Police for political purposes.

No, in the world of “Untitled Eliot Spitzer Film” director Alex Gibney, “Spitzer’s takedown of financial industry bigwigs… paved the way for his downfall.”

According to the New York Post:

Gibney made no apology for his pro-Spitzer take and the audience, which included Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, generally agreed.

“The film made me like him better, the fact he was interviewed showed he was open and compassionate,” said viewer Maria Saluta, 52. “Without a doubt I’d vote for him again.”

Spitzer is, according to one source, counting on the film to help repair his tarnished image, possibly in preparation for another run at political office:

Spitzer, a source said, has begun to reactivate his political network, meeting with donors and others to make the case for his recovery.

He still has a long political road ahead. His sterling image as a crusader has been tainted by his fall, and 58 percent of New Yorkers, according to a recent Marist poll, don’t want him to run for office.

But Spitzer’s allies point out that that number had decreased from 69 percent last September, and the former governor’s preternatural confidence appears undiminished.

Indeed, the sheer speed of Spitzer’s re-emergence is a product of both the times and the man.

It’s unknown what office the disgraced Democrat would seek. But given the weight of the center-left media behind him and the dysfunctional nature of New York State politics, the return of the “Love Guv,” even if unwelcome, could be forthcoming.


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