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Despite sexually loaded behavior, NY School stymied in firing teacher

Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY): For years, teacher Valerie Yarn sent unwanted sexually suggestive letters, emails and presents to her bosses in the Rochester School District. Yet even after she spent time in jail for violating a court order one principal obtained against her, court records show that Yarn was able to keep her job [...]


Why Romney Will Win (the Nomination and the Election)

Despite the current conniptions over a possibly contested convention in Tampa, Romney will gain the delegates necessary before then. Even though the GOP has done an admirable thing with most states allocating proportionally rather than winner-take-all. Proportional allocation guarantees a longer primary fight. And if, for some reason, Romney does not have the numbers come [...]


Federal Review Composite Poll

Yes, we will be resuming the Federal Review Composite Poll this year. As it has always been, it will be a meta analysis of polls, state-by-state. Unlike the pedestrian Real Clear Politics average, it will be based upon a weighted analysis of polls based upon margin of error, sample size, respondent type. We have done [...]


Disability claims soar, help mask true unemployment rate

From the New York Post: With their unemployment-insurance checks running out, some of the country’s long-term jobless are scrambling to fill the gap by filing claims for mental illness and other disabilities with Social Security — a surge that hobbles taxpayers and making the employment rate look healthier than it should as these people drop [...]


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