The Rules:  You have to have a majority of delegates to win. Period.

While some alleged conservatives like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter have proven their conservative “principles” to be mere marketing calculations as they fall in behind the liberal authoritarian populist millionaire Donald Trump, it’s no surprise to find Trump’s supporters whining about having the GOP nomination “stolen” from Trump if he doesn’t win enough delegates before they get their credentials stamped in Cleveland this summer.

Not that rules or facts matter to Trump.  After all, he beats Hillary in all the polls, he tells us.  And if the GOP is the conservative and constitutionalist party, then it should continue to adhere to its rules to deny an anti-conservative, never-heard-of-the-constitution candidate its nomination.  After all, the GOP rules that Trump fears mirror those of the U.S. Constitution.

You see, in the general election, you can win the popular vote and lose the election (see, Harrison, Benjamin, 1888; Bush, George W., 2000), and if you only have a plurality, and not a majority of electoral votes, the House of Representatives gets to decide who’s president.  Really, that’s in the Constitution. (see, Twelfth Amendment).

And why is a mere plurality of the delegates or electors just not enough for the GOP nominee?  Well, simply, so the nominee is not someone most of the delegates hate.  At least half plus one must be OK with the nominee. Not a high bar.  And a common one.  A bare majority.  If you can’t get half the delegates to like you, you’re in the wrong party. Here’s a lucid and readable discussion.

Here are the hard facts: As of today, 32 states have cast votes in the Republican presidential race through primaries, caucuses or conventions. In every single one of them, the anti-Trump forces have won a majority. In 22 of those states, more than 60 percent of Republican voters have rejected the Donald; in nine of those states, more than 70 percent rejected Trump.

Source: Donald Trump’s Giant Convention Con – POLITICO Magazine

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